Moving In Together With Kids

If you thought moving in together was difficult, try making this massive transition with kids added to the mix. If this is something you and your partner are wrestling with, you aren’t alone. Statistics from the American Census Bureau shows that more couples are living together with children than ever before. In many cases, these children are the products of other marriages or relationships.

Here are some pieces of advice to help ensure that moving in together with kids doesn’t stress you, your partner and your kids out.

First, make sure that you have all the basics you’ll need to live together in order. This means, as ironic as it sounds, forgetting the kids for a bit. Some couples put so much focus on their children that they forget to set up the lease, hire a moving company and other steps that need to be taken for two people to move in together.

Next, sit down and have a long conversation with each child that is going to be moving in with you. Ask them how they feel about the arrangement (and whether or not they want to live with a new person in the house). However, keep in mind that you are the parent, and have the final say on things. If the kid doesn’t want to move in with someone else, you can respect that yet still move in. However, make your home an environment where the kids can speak their mind. Even if they don’t want to move in with a new person they will at least know that they can talk to you if it becomes rough for them.

Once you’ve decided to move in together with kids, consider some “sleepovers” to help ease the transition. These sleepovers should be framed as fun. So try to make the fun factor as high as you can. The first time the child sleeps at their new home should not be when they move in. Transitional sleepovers will help them get used to living with your partner (and maybe even his kids as well).

If you are going to stay in the same home and your partner is moving in with his or her children, the situation is a bit more complicated. That’s because living together with children that aren’t your own can make them resent you and lash out. This can be avoided by giving the child that’s moving in plenty of personal space. Even if there isn’t enough space for his or her own room, try to put up a sheet or divider so that he or she feels a sense of privacy.

If you take these simple steps, moving in together can be a fun and exciting experience for all.

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